18 Ways of Getting Free Advertising, Publicity, & Exposure

18 Ways of Getting Free Advertising, Publicity, & Exposure

Advertising Specials In Magazines And Newsletters
Many times, publications will offer 2 for 1 specials, or "Buy 3 get 1 FREE" offers. Take advantage of these deals! But don't expect the publication to tell you about them. Most likely, you'll have to ask. And remember, prices on the Advertising Rate Cards are not set in stone. They are just a guideline from which you can work. Learn to negotiate in your favor!

FREE Listings in Publications
Some publications publish a once a year directory where they'll publish the name, address, and telephone number of companies that will interest their target market. Contact the publications your target market reads and ask them if they offer such a service. If so, find out when their deadline for submission is and send them the information they require so that your company can be listed in the next directory.

In addition, you can also get a FREE mention in many publications if you're willing to give something away for FREE to their subscribers, or if you offer them a discount on your products and services. To find out about this, call or write to the publication(s) of your choice and then follow up with a Press Release that provides the specifics of your offer.

Print Up A Booklet Or Tip Sheet That Would Interest Your Target Market... Then Give It Away For FREE!
For example, let's say your target market is recently certified scuba divers. You could print up a booklet entitled "10 Safety Tips To Remember Before Putting On Your Wet Suit." At the end of the booklet you could advertise your products and services, or provide a phone number where prospects could call for more information.

You can also send Press Releases to the publications your target market reads and offer the booklet for FREE. Anytime you offer something for FREE to a publication's readers, it's very likely to get printed!

The Piggy-Back Method
Every time you fulfill and order, make sure you include information about additional products and services you offer. For maximum benefit, make sure that what you're offering is somehow related to the product the customer has already ordered from you. This increases your chances of making a repeat sale to that customer.

Free "Give-Aways"
These can be free pens, key chains, videos catalogues, audio tapes, or anything else that contains your ad message and reminds the customer about you every time he or she sees it. Gifts generate good will and keep your sales message in front of your customer. But make sure the gift is valuable and that the customer will use it. Otherwise, you're just throwing money to the wind.

Publish Your Own Newsletter
Earlier we mentioned the advantages of publishing your own newsletter as a means of keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis. But there's an added advantage to publishing your own newsletter... you can publish ads for your own products and services for FREE! But be careful. If your customers perceive that you're using the newsletter merely as an advertising vehicle for your business, they will not only ignore your ads, they'll stop subscribing to your news letter.

Trade Products Or Services For Ad Space
If you offer a service or have something a publisher needs, you can barter that service for ad space in their publication. Bartering, in fact, can be used to get just about anything you want. Be creative. Just make sure that what you're offering is valuable to the person with which you're bartering, and that you stress the benefits he'll receive from bartering with you.

Write Articles and Press Releases
As mentioned earlier, submitting articles and press releases to the publications your target market reads is a sure-fire method for building goodwill and generating free publicity. Do this on a regular basis and watch your advertising drop, while your sales and profits soar.

Share Marketing Costs With Others
Search out other businesses that create products and services for your target market. Offer to cross promote your products and services with theirs by including their offers with yours and vice-versa. Offer discounts and coupons to the customers of vendors and businesses who serve the same target market as you. This creates a win-win situation because it provides the vendor a chance to give something to his customers. At the same time it introduces you to prospects who are already highly qualified to purchase your products and services.

Give Your Products Away As Bonus Items In Someone Else's Offer
You can offer to sell your products at a discounted rate to vendors and businesses who reach your target market. The vendor can then include your product as a giveaway with one of his offers. This increases his orders and gives you added

Give Talks And Seminars
We've already covered this one in detail. It's value can't be stressed enough. Give customers and prospects information for FREE and you'll increase your chances of turning them into lifetime customers.

Create Or Sponsor A Media Event
Media events, such as trade shows, seminars, etc. attract the attention of the press. Sponsoring one yourself will not only generate publicity for the event, but for your business as well! How do you advertise these events? It's easy and it's FREE! Press Releases!

Be Listed As A Source At The Back Of Books
Often writers will want to list references and sources in their books. Get the word out that you are a source of information! The easiest and least expensive way to find authors is through the Internet. We'll get into this a little later on.

Offer Discounts To Customers For Referrals
Word of mouth is the best source of advertising. Make sure you take advantage of it by encouraging your customers to tell their friends about you. To do that sur-prise your customers with coupons or free gifts for every referral they send you that you convert into a customer.

Give A Free Demo, Report, Newsletter To Qualified Individuals
Giving away free demo, reports, newsletters, etc. to individuals who can spread the word about them is one of the best investments you could ever make in your business. You may also want to consider "comping" subscriptions of your news-letter to publishers of other publications that reach your target market. This creates goodwill and builds your credibility in the eyes of other publishers.

Free Samples Of Your Products To Key People
Giving away free samples of your products to key people who can spread the word about them is also an effective method of generating FREE publicity.

Having your products reviewed in the publications your target market reads is an excellent way to generate free publicity for your business. And don't be afraid of a negative review. They have been known to generate sales too.

The Internet
The Internet is perhaps the best source of free advertising available to you. We'll explore it in detail a little later.