Dedicated to the Business of Independent Filmmaking

Dedicated to the Business of Independent Filmmaking

Noize, not Noise:
Getting Post Sound for Your Film

So, you have your film, and now it's time to post. Can't get the sound done? Costs to much you say? Well, there are some ways around that, if you know how to ask nicely. Some tips on getting the sound quality you need. Remember, sound can make the difference in a movie. BW looked like crap, and what did Artisan put the money into? You got it.

Indie Financing: Is that Sucking Sound the Internet?

When you are out trying to drum up financing, are you running into stumbling blocks you wouldn't imagine in a bull market like today? Guess what: those great tech stocks are being funded at your expense. We show you how the boom stock market is making funding harder than ever...and what you can do about it.

Yes, I have a dollar, why?
Ultra-Low Budget Indie Films

Is there such a thing as an ultra-low budget feature film? You bet! And they are getting more frequent, particularly with the recent success of Blair Witch and others of recent years. There are some fine points, though...let us give you our two cents on how to make it happen.

Really, It's A Great Script!

So, we all have a story to tell. But as producers, where do we begin? Along with the How The Biz Works above, we bring you another of Alex Epstein's works, a Q&A on screenwriting. Here's a no-fantasy discussion of just what works and what doesn't from a man who has been through it all. Check it out, and maybe that story in your head isn't so crazy after all. Then again, maybe it is, but maybe we'd pay to see it. Either way, learn how to do it right.

Now THAT'S Funny
Humor in Film

No matter what the subject matter of a film, there is always room for some well-deserved comedy. In the bleakest of moments, a little break can be just what the doctor ordered. A great example is the infamous "Heeeeeere's Johnny" joke by Jack Nicholson in The Shining. You may not consider yourself funny, but it can be a learned talent. Unless of course, you write sitcoms, in which case you are genetically incapable. But that's for another article. For a good guide to adding humor, and understanding how it works, we bring you the guide.

Naming Your Company, and Internet Images

Coming up with a clever name for a new production company or partnership? Well, Dreamworks SKG thought that would be easy too, until they ran into a lawsuit from Dreamwerks (read that carefully). Entertainment and Intellectual Property Lawyer Marc Steve Colen gives you the info on this recent ruling, and how it affects you.

Are Indie Films a Business?
A Reply to Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine ran an article about the "death of independent filmmaking" in the September issue. It discusses some comments by various members of the indie community. The AIFFP Editorial Staff takes issue with this, and we want to be certain you know our position. We pull no punches, here folks, so be prepared to hear it like it is.

It's Who AND What You Know!

The Creative stages producer's Network is up and running. It's a place where you can share information, documents, check out our indie calendar and add your own dates, chat with indie professionals worldwide, take surveys, and much more. It's the best place to find out what's going on, and help make it all go on! If you haven't already signed on, do it today!

The development of a motion picture often requires extensive research, particularly for action, thriller, military, detective, police, and high-tech features.

Unfortunately, there is insufficient material available to the general public for just these very areas. To accommodate the needs of the independent feature film community, we have collected the materials and expertise in-house to provide research on these topics.