Making money out of movies, special interest videos.

Why Special Interest Video?

Many times I am asked why I am so focused on Special Interest Video and spend so little time developing corporate or wedding video business.
For me the answer is simple - I don't want to work that hard!
Call me lazy, but I believe wedding and corporate videographers are the hardest working people in our business. They need to dress up, spend every possible weekend working, and knowing how to deal with the occasional nasty drunk.

Corporate videographers have to deal with politics, personalities, and let's not forget the manager who owns a camera and knows more about the production than the videographer. "Why do we need more lights?"

I have different role models. Unlike many videographers, I don't hold Hitchcock, Spielberg, deMille, etc as role models. Great directors and producers but not role models. Mine are King, Grisham, Crighton, and Wambaugh.

Huh? They don't produce anything… they're authors.
Exactly. But to me, they have the right idea. Produce a product ( in their case a novel) and sell it over and over and over again. Ever time one is sold they make some more money.
What happens to the corporate and wedding videographers once they complete their product? They have to go out and find someone to pay them to create another product. Their last product is finished. Done. Kaputt. Zapped. No more money from the project.
But once a special Interest video producer has completed a project and fun has just begun. For that one time production, they can sell it over and over and over again. They can even sell the rights to someone else and they can sell it over and over.

Or take your favorite recording star. They make their music available on a CD and sell that CD/cassette over and over again. The Presley Estate is still making money from work Elvis produced while still alive.

Large Market
Take a look at the explosion of products on the market aimed at leisure activities. Why? "FUN" activities are easy to market to people looking for answers for their hobbies. Everywhere you turn you can find videos on fishing, videos on exercise, videos on cooking. People are hungry for information on their favorite activities. Even cable TV shows are now offering videos to their viewers.

In contrast, people are much more reluctant to buy on subjects they "should" know. Taxes, Estate Planning, Insurance and similar subjects are all subjects people should know but very few would sell. Why? It's not a "FUN" subject.

While producing my own S.I.V., I am in control of the production. No one else is telling me what color the couch needs to be or what day the shoot will take place. If I need to be somewhere else I can reshedule at my convenience, not the convenience of someone else.

Most importantly, I have my weekends to do with as I please, whether it's time with the family, fishing, or simply out shooting some video or still photos. The choice is mine.
To me, that makes it the best business in the world.

Ship your tape to any of several vendors, and they will create a CD-ROM or DVD master for you. With this master you can then duplicate through your own master house.

Prices for these services, ranged from around $79 for one hour of video and upward. For DVD work, it generally included a from Menu with up to 4 menu items, just like the Hollywood DVD’s we all buy. Neat, eh?

Some excellent seminars were also presented, including:

  • How to Find profitable Corporate video Jobs
  • Let humor add to your bottom line
  • Create Tribute Videos that Land even More business
  • Being creative with normal video jobs

What lessons did I learn at WEVA? Actually there were a couple.

CD and DVD are here today, and videos I produce will now be available in both tape and CDROM or DVD .

We need to use more humor in our scripts (when appropriate). I already have a new attention getting opener planned for my next project. ( Thanks to a local Magic Shop in the Hotel)

NLE has added new types of business for us like multimedia production. I am already experimenting with mutimedia production by including video clips in a Power Point Presentation. The entire presentation can then be placed on a CD-Rom for distribution. And the viewer does not need to even own PowerPoint.

As you can tell, there was a lot to take in. As for me, better scripting and multimedia are my new focus.

How about you?